Bodega subterránea del siglo XVI

Our Cellar Subterranea

Subterranean Wine Cellar S.XVI

This wine cellar has been considered as one of the wine cathedrals; this subterranean cellar from the sixteenth century is an evidence of the dedication of this family to winemaking.  There are 1200 square metres of tunnels dug into rock and pierced in stone.

 In 1992, a subterranean expansion of 800 square metres was carried out in order to complete the park of barrels and wine racks.                 
 ValSotillo was produced in this historical winery in excellent conditions, naturally, at a constant temperature of 11-12 ° C. throughout all the year, together with the absence of vibrations, noises and light, which allow our wines to have an excellent aging.

 The wine makes its aging process in oak American barrels of 225-litres and the rest of the time it stands in the bottle up to the exit to the market in order to offer it in its best conditions to the customers.

 These are wines of an extraordinary constitution, broad bouquet and texture, which can only be reached by very few wines after so many years.