Los Viñedos

Vineyards Valsotillo

The Vineyards

 Ismael Arroyo began the planting of vineyards in Sotillo de la Ribera when other people uprooted them, in those days the people got surprised and said that it was insane what they were doing.

 The winery owns 25 hectares of vineyards of their own; also we always buy grapes from the same grape growers from Sotillo de la Ribera, who with their good work care for their vineyards in order to pick up a grape of an exceptional quality.

 These vineyards which get to an average age of 50 years (some even up to 90), are planted only with the grape variety ”Tinta del país”   ( Tempranillo).

 The vineyards are planted in well-aired and sunny slopes, in soils with a clay-limestone, sandstone and stony formation.

 The vines develop its growth in a natural way, respecting the environment, without drip irrigation or chemical fertilizers.

 The pruning is done by hand with scissors; the vines are bought up in the traditional system of pruning in glass, pruning severely the vines.  This is the best system of pruning for the vine because this way it does not suffer and the plant tolerates a longer life.

 These privileged lands and a surprising nature in this area of Burgos offer us an unequalled grape quality.