Jada Yuan (New York Times): “ValSotillo, my favorite”

At the begining of 2018 The New York Times  journalist Andrew Ferren  published 52 Places to GO in 2018 which included two Spanish destinations:  Ribera del Duero and  Sevilla.

Some months later the NYT columnist Jada Yuan, visited each destination. “In Spain I just felt like myself”, she writes.

To visit Ribera del Duero she signed up for a full day small group tour with Wine Tourism Spain.

By the end of a great tipsy day with a family of four from Colombia and an introduction to distinct wines I never would have found on my own, I felt spoiled for all subsequent tours”, she says  about Ribera del Duero tour.

The last stop was our winery, ValSotillo, which Jada described as “mi favorite”.

The two brothers who run it make their wine im 16th-century hand-chiseled caves. And their Gran reserva was so memorable, I made an hourlong detour another day tobuy a bottle  -a wholesale steal at 42 euros”, describes the NYT columnist.

This is what we try to give to our visitors….  Nice and unique experiencies.


This is the link to Jada’s report: